Dixit was the Spiel de Jahr (Game of the Year) winner in 2009-- the highest honor that a board game can receive.

Each player receives a hand of six cards, each showing a colorful and unique painting. Every round, one player plays as the Story Teller. The Story Teller selects a card from her hand and describes it, either with a sentence, song, sound, gesture, whistle, or any other creative method she might choose. The Story Teller then puts that card onto the table face down. All other players now select a card from their own hands that they thinks best fits the Story Teller's description.
All the cards are then shuffled and turned face up in a row. Now, all players except for the Story Teller secretly choose which card they think was the Story Teller's card. If everyone finds that card, then the Story Teller was too obvious and scores no points. If no one finds that card, the Story Teller was too vague, and again scores no points. If the card is found, but not by everyone, then points are awarded to the Story Teller and all players whose choices were accurate.

Dixit is very easy to learn and plays especially well with groups of 4 or more. The paintings on the cards are very imaginative and detailed, so players will find new details and quirky new ways to describe them with every play.
This is one game where it's truly not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.

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